I love to watch movies with my spare time and this is a tally of what I’m watching. Feel free to leave comments on those movies you’ve seen as well. I’d love to get your take on them. Find me on twitter @tallyho where I occassionally live-tweet movies on Saturday for the Late Night Live-Tweet with @kevincarr. You can find my main twitter jabber over @anaria.


2 responses to “About

  1. alex

    Dear @anaria,

    I see that you have @TallyHo as your secondary twitter handle and I was wondering if you might be able to part with it? I would be SO appreciative!! I’m open to barter if you are interested, and TONS of great karma is yours if you would kindly relinquish it! Pretty pretty please? Thank you so much.

    • anaria


      No thank you. I’m not interested in relinquishing my @tallyho twitter handle. It ties too well with my movie blog.

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